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6 Ways Instagram Influencer Marketing Can Benefit Your Brand

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Instagram is no longer just a social networking service for sharing photos of everyday life and collecting likes and comments. It is one of the most powerful and promising platforms used for social strategy. While businesses have always used ads for promotion, today, Instagram influencer marketing takes the leading position, showing a more organic, niche, individual approach.

To prove that the influencer market is growing and getting stronger, Statista has reported that over $8 billion in global marketing spend and over six million brand-sponsored posts are expected on Instagram by 2020. This type of advertising allows for more interaction between brands and consumers, as well as making shoppers feel more comfortable about the products they purchase.

So, how can you benefit from influencer marketing on Instagram? And does instagram instagram marketing work?

Let's dive right in!

1. You Can Build a Greater Instagram Following

Marketing on Instagram can greatly benefit e-commerce entrepreneurs and significantly increase their revenue. For this, building a big following is necessary. To quicken the process, you can leverage different apps to poach subscribers from your rivals.

Another quick way to increase the number of your subscribers is to cooperate with influential bloggers and attract their audiences. An Instagram influencer marketing strategy is what every new brand should try at least once. Bloggers already have many followers who trust their opinions. So, if they can communicate your brand's story the right way, you can expect high engagement and return on investment.
Chobani wanted to increase their engagement in social media. Influencers published delicious recipes with Chobani yogurts on their Instagram pages. These posts received more than 137,000 likes, 2,600 comments, and the total reach of the campaign exceeded 3,000,000 people.
Build a Greater Instagram Following
Alison Wu, a food and lifestyle blogger on Instagram

2. Influencers Ensure Unique and Creative Content

If you need new advertising content for a brand, you don't necessarily have to appeal to a marketing agency. An experienced influencer will not only place your ads but also create content that will be natural-looking on their social media page and may also bring fresh ideas to your campaigns.

You just need to set the task, and an influencer will create unique and high-quality content that will meet the concept and goals of your brand. Given the goal you set for a social strategy, you can select from sponsored posts, contests, branded content, and reviews.

  • Sponsored posts. Influencers create content for your brand you should pay for. No matter if they simply integrate your product into their content or tell the whole story about it, this campaign is beneficial for everyone.
  • Contests. After receiving a product from you, the influencers arrange a giveaway or any other type of contest. This certain campaign allows for gaining new followers and increasing your brand recognition.
  • Branded content. You build and publish branded content and ask influencers on Instagram to participate. They can either create something using your product or join your storytelling. This campaign allows for promoting a new product or reaching a new audience.

Reviews. The influencers review your product or service to give their followers a better idea of its benefits. The honestly made review lets you build trust with a target group.

3. Instagram Influencer Marketing Is Affordable

Everyone who has ever tried a partnership with influential bloggers begins with measuring how much Instagram influencers cost. It all depends on the group the influencers belong to and the project size. Given the number of subscribers they have, the cost of a sponsored post may vary from $0 to $20,000. And the good news is that Instagram is not the most expensive platform.
Instagram Influencer Marketing Costs
Instagram influencer marketing costs by Digitalinformationworld
Influential bloggers normally charge fixed rates or fees based on their reach and the industry in total. Provided you've never dealt with Instagram influencer marketing and have a limited budget, it is reasonable to begin with a nano- or micro-influencer partnership.

Smaller bloggers ensure better efficiency of investments with a lower fee. Influencer Marketing Hub claims that bloggers with up to 250,000 followers provide 30% and 20% better ROI on your spend compared to macro- and mega-influencers, correspondingly.

And while a buck remains a preferred payment method for creating promotional posts for brands, there are still the 54% of true product fans who are ready to advertise it after receiving it for free. So, if you know someone who 100% agrees to barter, you can significantly amplify brand recognition and boost sales without even spending a penny.

How much do Instagram influencers cost?

The price an influencer charges you for any type of promotion depends on different factors, from follower count to the industry and the country the bloggers live in. The other criteria for estimating Instagram influencer price also involve consideration of:

  • The average engagement rate
  • The partnership duration you expect
  • The best-suited content for your campaign
  • The amount of effort an influencer makes to create a sponsored post, etc.

The influencer marketing cost also depends on the platform where you get your product advertised. Here's a starting point for how other platforms compare to Instagram:

Bonus: When starting to cooperate with Instagram influencers, brands worry about the compensation on every dollar they invest in social marketing. This is where they can experience the biggest issue while having no idea of how to calculate the campaign's ROI. Fortunately, there is a straightforward formula to use:
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4. The Smaller the Influencer, the Higher the Engagement

HubSpot research states that micro-influencers with less than 100K subscribers take about one-third of all IG channels. The Fohr influencer marketing platform, in its turn, claims that Instagram bloggers with up to 25K active users have a higher engagement rate, about 3% to 7%, no matter what niche they take. So, their posts are seen by a larger amount of subscribers.
Instagram Engagement rate
Engagement rate on Instagram by Later
theirAmong other things, nano- and micro-influencer marketing will cost you less than other industry players. That makes much sense for many smaller companies, as they don't have to spend a fortune on their campaigns and can simply afford a long-lasting partnership.

After finding the ideal influencer for your product promotion, calculate their engagement rate to make sure you'll get a good ROI on your marketing spend.

5. Influencer Marketing Ensures Win-Win Partnerships and Boosts Sales

Finding the influencer who is on the same page as you may lead to a joint undertaking and open up a whole lot of new opportunities, including custom-made promotional content, live events, etc.

Instagram influencer marketing is also a better way to boost sales than traditional ads, because almost half of IG users block ads, while 74% of customers still use social media to make an informed purchase.
Bigelow tea brand decided to promote their products with influencer marketing on Instagram. Some bloggers shared their recipes, and others demonstrated how you could turn tea packages into art. As a result, audience engagement reached 32,000, and sales increased by 18.5%.
Brand influencers create trust
Censie Sawyer, a micro-influencer on lifestyle

6. You May Go Viral

Influencers are often individuals who closely follow trends and are the first to learn about emerging movements and hot topics to share with their followers. That is why influencer marketing works perfectly well for everyone who strives for innovative leadership.

One of the most successful Instagram influencer marketing examples concerns Nescafe. The company wanted to tell a story about a healthy green blend of their coffee and came up with a flash mob. They invited bloggers to participate and then share a flash mob on their IG profiles. In that event, the campaign involved 11 influencers and resulted in 551,736 total reach and 19,494 total interactions.
Brand influencers create trust
Censie Sawyer, a micro-influencer on lifestyle

Wrapping Up

Although influencer marketing is a relatively new approach in social strategy, it demonstrates the growth at reckless speed. It allows brands to reach a new audience, build a following, and improve their brand awareness, as well as boosting sales and helping companies go viral.

As for the price, Instagram influencer marketing is not as expensive as it may seem — you can go with nano- and macro-influencers who charge less than other industry players yet ensure a better ROI and engagement. So, this type of marketing also becomes affordable for small brands that may be on a tight budget.

If you want to start an Instagram influencer campaign and find the ideal influential blogger to tell your company's story, leave your brief on the PublicFast instagram influencer marketing platform. Fill out your campaign details, find influencers or let them come to you, and get the most out of your campaign by data tracking Instagram influencer marketing statistics.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is Instagram influencer marketing?

This is a social strategy practice in which brands collaborate with Instagram influencers to get their products or services promoted. The promotion can be done through sponsored posts or stories, contests, or reviews. The purposes vary from improving brand awareness to boosting conversions.

2) How do you become an influencer on Instagram?

Becoming an influencer on Instagram requires building a great and engaging following. For this, determine your niche, stay congruent, and write meaningful, informative posts. Understand your audience to build trust with them. When subscribers start taking you seriously, set up your profile to let brands find you. Make sure you have a business profile and your email is visible. And, of course, keep networking.

3) What are influencers on Instagram?

Influencers are bloggers who've gained credibility in the industry and built a significant following. Due to their authenticity and strong, confidential relationships with fans, they have the power to persuade.

4) How many followers do I need to become an Instagram influencer?

Users with even 1K followers can become Instagram influencers, especially if their audiences are engaged and active. Nano-influencers who have less than 10K followers build trust with their audience, which leads to a greater response from the latter. So everything influencers share on their Instagram profiles carries weight with their following.

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