How to participate in campaigns

Olha Mikhailova
Sign up
On the main page choose "I'm creator" or click on "Sign up".
Then "Get started" if you choose "I'm creator" or "Sign up as creator" if you choose "Sign up".

Log in as Creator with your most powerful social network.
In analytics, you will see your rating, and in your profile you'll see the post price. The price is formed on the basis of the rating and reach, which are calculated using a specially developed algorithm (more than 30 profile indicators are taken into account).
Fill out your profile
In the lower left corner of the screen, click on "Your profile". In your account in the section "About yourself" try to fill in fields as much as possible. Required items: "Country", "City" and "Interests". Brand are looking for and choose influencers in campaigns depending on them.

If you want to be invited in campaigns more often, be sure to fill out the "Tell us about yourself" field. So the brand will be able to learn more about you, your interests and choose you among hundreds of creators.
It's very important to fill out the section "Blank" in "Your profile". These are additional parameters by which brand will look for campaign participants.

For example, petrol stations, obviously, will want to work with car owners, rather than pedestrians or cyclists.

Immediately after registration you will be able to access two types of campaigns in your account.

'Public' is when you apply for participation yourself, and the brand chooses from all requests, and 'CPA' is the type when the brand enables everyone to participate.

A campaign with influencers selection
On Publicfast there is a third type of campaign, where the brand personally invites creators. Unlike the public campaign, where you send a request for participation, here you'll need to accept the application.
How can I understand there are campaigns for me?
When a brand invites you to participate or just launches a campaign on Publicfast, you receive a notification by e-mail and in your account on the platform.

What should I do next?
Choose the campaign closest to your interests. This is important both for you and for the brand. You will retain the loyalty of subscribers, and your post will be as native as possible.

Carefully study the brief to understand exactly what the brand wants to see in your post, what photos, links, hashtags, etc.

Study stop words that can't be used in publication. For example, the names of brands-competitors or words prohibited by the company's brand-book.

Notice that the brand can't specify exactly what you should write. He can only give recommendations and describe the goals of the campaign.
If the campaign is really interesting to you and does not contradict your views, click on the button "Send request for participation." When the brand chooses you, you will receive an email and notification in your personal account on Publicfast.
Write a post
Create a post in the specified social network during the period indicated in the campaign. After publication, in your personal account click on the "Confirm Post" button and insert the link.

Get a post link by clicking on the date of its publication and copy the link in the address bar.
Pay attention!

Your post should be accessible to everyone, not just for friends or friends of friends.

How to withdraw money from Publicfast
After the brand confirms and pays for post you will be able to withdraw money to your credit or debit card. To do this, go to the "Balance" section, click on the "Withdraw money" button and enter your card details.

If the brand is dissatisfied with your publication, he can send it to arbitration. We'll let you know about it and we'll wait for your comment. Arbitration can take up to 14 days.

To send a post to arbitration, the brand should have objective reasons. In any case, the final decision, to pay the fee to the influencer or not, takes Publicfast.

If you've carefully read the brief, used hashtags and links and haven't used stop words, then don't worry – all goes well.