How to participate in review campaign

Olha Mikhailova
In the review campaign you get a free product or service for review, test them and make a post.

Unlike other Publicfast's campaigns, in this one brand doesn't pay for your post. Participation in the review campaign gives you an opportunity to cooperate with global brands and get their products or services for free.
How can I understand there are campaigns for me?
When a brand launches review campaign on Publicfast, you receive a notification by e-mail and in your personal account on the platform.
Where can I find review campaigns?
Go to your profile on Publicfast and select the "Campaigns" section. Here you will see a list of available review campaigns.
What should I do next?
Carefully read the brief to understand exactly what the brand wants to see in your post, what photos, links, hashtags, etc.

Pay attention to stop words that can't be used in the publication. For example, the names of brands-competitors.
The brand can't tell you exactly what you should write. He can only give recommendations and describe the goals of the campaign.
How to participate?
If the conditions suit you and you want to participate, click "Send a request" in the upper right corner.
When the brand chooses you, you will receive a notification to the mail and in your personal account on Publicfast.

Carefully read the notification — if you participate in a Product review campaign, you'll need to send your delivery data. If this is a Service review campaign, the brand will send you additional information in the message.
How to make a post
After you receive a product or service for testing, make a post in the specified social network. After publication, in your personal account click on the "Post confirmation" button and paste the link.
Get a link by clicking on the date of its publication and copy the link from the address bar.

Your post should be available to everyone, not just friends or friends of friends.