Frequently Asked Questions
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How to sign up on the platform?
You need to fill all the fields, accept the terms of use and privacy policy. After that you`ll get a mail with the confirmation of registration.
I want to activate a trial version. How to do it?
The opportunity to use a trial version will appear immediately after the registration.
Is it necessary to use a card for a trial version? Can I remove it from the account later?
Yes, you have to add card details. But later you can remove it from your account.
Where can I see prices of influencers` posts?
If you have a subscription, you`ll see the full information about influencers (prices for posts, total reach, score). Also, you can activate a trial version, with which you`ll be able to see prices during 7 days. If you aren't ready to make a subscription, just run a public campaign. You will receive requests for participation in your campaign, and then you`ll be able to see posts prices.
How to view influencers` requests?
It's possible if you choose a public campaign. Requests will appear in your cabinet in the launched campaign, tab "influencers".
How influencers get to the Publicfast? Do you select them by yourself?
They sing up on the platform via Facebook. Then we monitor their activity and keep only the best influencers.
Is it possible that influencers may not to publish a post or make it in a negative way?
If influencers don't publish posts, they won`t receive a payment. You will be able to choose other influencers.

Influencers don't make negative posts, because it affects their reputation among brands and further participation in campaigns.
Will influencers agree their posts with me before publishing?
No. But you`ll have this opportunity if you specify in the brief that it's necessarily.
Do you work with LinkedIn or Snapchat?
At the moment, no. But soon it will be possible to run a campaign on LinkedIn.
Is it possible to run a campaign with payment for the purchase/registration/download?
Yes. It called CPA-campaigns.
Whether I need to make a task for influencers or they just copy my text into their posts?
You need to write a brief which should include a clearly formulated task.
Can I edit campaign settings or tasks after the launch of a campaign?
What should I do if the influencers doesn't get in touch for a long time?
If the influencer confirmed his participation in the campaign and didn't respond to your messages, please contact the manager or write in the chat on the platform.
What should I do if the influencer made a post that doesn't meet task conditions?
You can send this post to arbitration. If the influencer really made his task incorrectly, he won`t be paid.
What data will be available for me in analytics after the end of a campaign?
You can see the result of every post separately and the campaign in general: total reach, engagements and amount of link clicks.
What is the optimal budget for a campaign in Ukraine, Europe or USA?
It depends on the type of your campaign and product/service that you want to promote. Our manager can help you to calculate your budget.
How long should last a campaign?
It depends on your goals and the type of your campaign.

Based on the past experience, a public campaign should last not less than a month.
I haven't chosen any influencer suitable for me. What should I do? Can you help me?
Yes. Please contact our manager or write in the chat on the platform.
I launched a campaign. What to do next?
Track influencers` posts.
Can I prolong a campaign?
Yes, but first you should contact the manager or write in the chat on the platform.
Can I invite the influencer in the current campaign?
It's possible if you choose a campaign with influencers` selection. In other cases, you can contact the manager
What assurance do I have that influencers will make posts after receiving the product? (if it's a review campaign)
We cooperate only with qualitative influencers, which approach to their work responsibly. But sometimes they can refuse to publish a post if the product didn't suit them.
Data about the reach – it's the number of influencers` friends or their actual effective reach?
It's actual effective reach. We take into account their activity on social networks.
How can I find out that influencers published their posts?
As soon as influencers publish their posts and leave a link in the system, you`ll get notifications. After that, you`ll be able to confirm posts or send them to arbitration.
What influencers` scores are based on? Is it a score from the past experience of brands and influencers?
Influencers` scores are based on the number of their friends and followers, likes, shares and comments.

The maximum number of influencers` score is 100. The more score has influencer, the better.
What filters could be used to sort influencers?
By age, sex, reach, score, city, niche of interests and posts` cost.
Can I run a campaign with some influencers on Instagram and with some on Facebook?
Yes, you can run a campaign on the different social networks.

After the launch of the campaign, you should tell the manager names of influencers on specific social networks in which you are interested.
Why is the amount of engagements of some influencers near 400%? How it can be?
It`s might be if influencers` posts are actively shared. Due to this, they have more likes, comments, and more engagement.
Can I write the message to the influencers through the platform?
You can do it only when they confirm participation in your campaign.
How do you track bots among your influencers?
Our algorithm calculates the real engagement of the audience. You are guaranteed to get a quality influencer if his score is above 60.
How is payment of influencers` posts performed?
When influencers publish their posts, you get links to them. After your confirmation, payment removed from your balance and transferred to influencers. But if you don't confirm posts within three days, payment will be transferred automatically to influencers.
How posts` prices formed? Influencers specify it by themselves?
Prices for posts depends on influencers` score, the number of friend and followers.
Can I get back money from my balance on my card?
Yes, you can.
Do you have another payment methods besides cards?
We have the possibility to receive payment via PayPal or Bank Transfer.
What is the fee for your platform? Do I need to take it into account when planning the campaign budget?
The fee calculated automatically in a separate column. The fee is 25% if you don't have a subscription. But if you have, the fee is only 15%. The fee is calculated from the budget of your campaign.
How can I cancel a subscription?
You can cancel a subscription at your cabinet or delete your account at any time.
How can I return money If the influencer agreed to make a post, but didn't` get in touch with me?
If the influencer didn't make a post, he doesn't receive the payment and money remain on your balance.