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Pro motion: Hedonist Bar & Kitchen
Maria Fitzgerald
How to promote a new bar and why influencer marketing is such effective, says Natalka Turkovskaya-Yakobchuk, co-founder of the bar
What is Hedonist Bar & Kitchen? What makes you different from others and who are your customers?
Hedonist Bar & Kitchen is a gastronomic bar in the center of Kiev where you can feel comfortable in any occasion. You can come here on Friday party with friends and try author's cocktails, on Wednesday night you can listen to jazz from interesting and uncommon artists, at lunchtime you can hold here a business meeting or have a nice dinner with your loved person on any day.

We try to make everything so that whenever our customers come to Hedonist Bar they always found what they wanted. The atmosphere that we make is beyond time and space. Due to our location and the building architectural features you can commit some escape, make a pause or "reload".
Our customers are people of intellectual labor. They are staff members of IT sphere, which is a lot in the subway area "Olympiyska". They like to visit us for lunch and evening cocktails. We have foreigners and those who appreciate delicious food, large portions, and high-quality alcohol.
What ways of promotion do you use?
Mostly we use digital advertising because it allows to make good targeting on our audience and get a clear response to conversion. In our case, Facebook, Google Business and online media with which we cooperate on an ongoing basis work well. Also, we have launched two campaigns with influencers on Publicfast and they were very effective. We decided to use influencer marketing because there is no better tool than word of mouth.
Human nature is such that we take everything for granted. Most likely people write about what they didn't like rather than praise a product or service. Realizing this, we use influencer marketing tools from time to time in order to strengthen the reputation status, invite new guests and offer to be friends further.

What about influencer's posts about our bar, I as the person who has initiated this work, liked that they were different and individual. Some of them were short and emotional, others — detailed.
I initiated these advertising campaigns and personally communicated with influencers which came to our bar. They said that they really liked Hedonist Bar & Kitchen. So they didn't have to invent anything for their posts and write everything as it is.
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