How to Find Influencers for Your Brand?

Tried and checked ways to choose the right influencers for promoting your project on the market
Do You Want to Promote Your Brand
With Social Media Influencers?
Social media influencers became very popular among the brands over the past few years. They are people who own huge audiences and have their trust.

Numerous researches show that up to 90% of consumers trust bloggers' recommendations much more than they trust traditional advertising methods. Thus, there is no doubt that cooperation with opinion leaders is a powerful source for high-quality promotion.

How to Find the Right Influencers for Your Brand?

First of all, there are different kinds of influencers in the market:
  • Micro-influencers who are the people with smaller yet more engaged audiences.
  • Macro-influencers who are celebrities with millions of followers and high prices.
Here is what you should know about these two types:
So, first of all, it is necessary to set up your goals and strategy. This will define your further steps and the type of opinion leaders you should choose for cooperation.

Sometimes you may choose micro-influencers to get higher conversion rates. In another situation, you may need a maximum reach, so macro-influencers would be more applicable.

What Will Help You Find the Right Influencers

It may seem quite easy to find the influencers from the first sight. Is it so? Yes — if we speak about celebrities. You just google "Top (niche) influencers", and here you go.

But what if you want to use micro-influencers or combine different types of promotion? Here's what you should consider.

1. Relevance to Your Target Audience

It's quite obvious that different influencers gather different audiences. A singer will accumulate people who like music, while a business speaker will be more popular with entrepreneurs.

So, it's important to avoid a primitive yet popular mistake of thinking that a star is always a golden ticket. Choose only the ones who have your audience.

2. Similar Values and Interests

To make a good and effective campaign, you should choose influencers that fit your brand's image.

So if you are, for example, an alcohol brand it may be inappropriate to work with sports bloggers. And on the contrary, if you are a sports brand, influencers promoting a healthy lifestyle will fit you more than drinkers and those who do not care.

It doesn't matter what social media channel you want to run your campaign. Whether you choose Twitter, YouTube or Instagram influencers, this rule should be implemented everywhere.

3. High Activity and Impact

Lots of readers don't make a person an influencer. Only if they are highly active on a social network and if people follow their thoughts, they are the ones to cooperate with.

So, first of all, pay attention to the frequency of posts, and then to the likes, commentaries, and reposts. If the account is active and highly supported by the community, then you may consider it for placing your ads.
Want to Promote Your Brand
With Influencer Marketing?

How to Find Influencers?

Now, when you know who you need, the next question is "how". Let's see what are the most effective way to find influencers for commercial cooperation.

1. Social Networks

First of all, the social networks themselves are a good place to search for influencers. You may use in-build searching features, such as hashtags to find the most popular posts and their owners.

The choice of a social network depends on the industry you are working at. For example, if it is fashion, beauty, traveling, sport or lifestyle, your social network #1 maybe Instagram. If your filed is software development or marketing, pay more attention to Facebook and Pinterest.

2. Google Search

Google is the king. It's not so difficult to find the "Top ... influencers" articles, even if you need micro-influencers (then you just add "micro-" to your search request).

But the choice of options will be limited by famous people present in most of the collections. Yes, it's quite a good option if you want to try how it goes for the first time... But not the best one if you are planning influencer marketing as a repeated effort.

3. Influencer marketing Platform

What do you do when you need a big choice of anything? Normally, you go for a marketplace. The same goes for influencer marketing. Using the Publicfast influencer marketing platform will give you lots of benefits, such as:

  • A huge database of influencers, all in one place with advanced filtering options.
  • Access to statistics you need: rating, number of followers, average reach, etc.
  • Rapid and easy communication. You don't need to write hundreds of requests, many of which will be lost — you'll speak with the ones who are ready to cooperate.
  • Advanced analytics for the posts you place. You will be able to watch the results online.
  • Paying for the result, not for the post. Probably, it's the hugest advantage. First of all, the prices on Publicfast are often more reasonable than when asking personally. Secondly, there you can pay depending on the result received.
  • No force majeures. Bad things sometimes happen, especially when it goes to cooperation with people you don't know. Publicfast will save your budget from irresponsible partners.

Summing Up

Any influencer marketing campaign is an investment. And what you need, first of all, is not likes or even reposts, but revenues. Working with the influencer marketing platform will save your time, help you reach high-quality audiences, and pay wisely for the result you get.
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