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How to find influencers
  • Dasha Samoylenko
Social media influencers become very popular among brands over the past few years. 90% of consumers make purchases based on bloggers opinion about products. There is no doubt that they are the most trustful source in the advertising world.

Thanks to the technical development we have no complication of finding whatever we need now. In regard to influencers, there are several ways of finding Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube influencers. But before it you should take into account such factors:
Similar interests
Logic must be everywhere. Collaboration with influencers is no the exception. In order to make a good and effective campaign, you should choose influencers which will fit your brand. So if you are, for example, an alcohol brand it will be inappropriate to work with sports bloggers. It doesn't matter what social media channel you want to run your campaign. Whether you choose Twitter, YouTube or Instagram influencers, this rule should be implemented everywhere. And then you'll get right, native and appropriate advertising of your product.
The relevance of the influencer's audience to your target audience
People follow influencers which profiles seem interesting to them and bring a useful information. Social influencers have different followers. But the main number of them are exactly those people who are interested in the subjects of influencers profile. If they like to know more about makeup, they follow beauty bloggers. If they like new apps and IT thematics, they follow influencers which write about it and so on. Thus, you should pay attention to this factor while choosing social media influencers for your campaign. Their audience should be similar to your target audience.
Social influencers should have a good activity of the audience on their profiles. If their posts have many likes, comments and shares it's a direct evidence that such blogger is a real influencer. So, first of all, you should pay attention to these indicators but not to the number of followers.
Social network
Primarily, you should find out what social media channel will be more appropriate for advertising your brand. It directly depends on which industry does your product or service belong to. If it's related to beauty, fashion, sport or health eating spheres it's better to use Instagram influencers. If it's building, financial or political spheres the campaign with Facebook influencers will be more relevant. Twitter and Youtube influencers can be used in different cases because there are a lot of users from a wide variety of interest.
Ways of finding:
Search engines or social networks
You can find influencers from all these social media through the most convenient search engine for you. You just need to formulate a right request. For example, top fashion Instagram influencers. Also, you can add the country to this request or something else. Moreover, you can find them directly on the needed social network with the help of keywords or hashtags.

This way has a slight challenge. You should find a special approach to each social influencer by your own. So that they want to collaborate with your brand you should write why you chose exactly them, what do you like in their profiles, what is interesting in your products. Also, it's not very good idea to write them identical and template messages. Believe me, they will easily realize it and your chances to work with them will significantly reduce. In order not to stumble on trouble, first of all, figure out where they want to get advertising proposals: directly through messengers or on mail.

Influencer marketing platform

Any good influencer marketing campaign is the investment. Working with it will help you to reduce your time, resources and nerves during the campaign creation. Especially if you choose the platform with expertise and experience in influencer marketing. There you can establish a partnership with influencers from all social media without any difficulties. On such platforms, you don't need to think about how it's better to contact influencers and how to draw attention to your brand. There you have the access to the enormous list of social influencers from various industries. Furthermore, you get the possibility to track influencers work and the full analytics on the campaign completion.

Learn how to start campaign with influencers right now:

Special tools
Special tools, such as Tweetdeck or Alltop, are another method of finding social media influencers. Today there exists a wide variety of such tools. They can be both free or paid. Some of them can provide you with the list of only, for example, YouTube influencers. Others have the information about several social channels. Frequently these tools can help you to find the most suitable influencers and give you the information about their engagement rate, total reach of their posts, analytics of their profiles, followers insights and etc.
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