Is Celebrity Influencer Marketing Dead? The Rise of Micro-Influencers

What is more effective for your business: celebrity endorsement or micro-influencer marketing? Find out the answers together with live examples in this article
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Recently influencer marketing's been available only to larger companies due to its high price, but now micro-influencers are coming on stage. What do they bring to both large and small companies, and why do professionals say micro-influencer marketing maybe even more profitable? Let's find out!

Who Is a Micro-Influencer?

A micro-influencer is a leader in a certain category of interests (beauty, fashion, lifestyle, sports, etc) with a number of followers ranging from 1k to 100k — unlike celebrities with their hundreds of thousands and millions of followers.
According to the Veloce agency research in 2017, 82% of consumers more willingly follow recommendations from micro-influencers. This means people trust other people more than brands, and even celebrity endorsement.

The Markerly study has found that Instagram posts of micro-influencers have greater involvement and more comprehensive coverage compared to celebrities. And this, in its turn, means a better price per interaction rate.

What 's the Secret
of Micro-Influencers' Effectiveness?

First of all, micro-influencers are closer to their audience. When you have 1,000 or even 10,000 of followers, it's easier for you to interact with the people, to answer all of their comments personally, and to consider their opinions in your future posts. This creates a connection. On the other side, when you are one of a million followers like it happens with celebrity influencers, you are just a part of the crowd. The connection exists, but it's far not as strong as in the first case.

Secondly, the target audience of micro-influencers is usually more solid. Let's take Jacob True from the previous example, where all the followers love traveling and nice photos, or a famous singer, who is an influencer for millions of completely different people with completely different interests. As a business, where will you find a more solid audience easier to advertise for?

And at last, there is a natural turnover. The more followers you have, the less is the percentage of engagement. That's what always happens, as shown in the diagram above, and that's why sometimes celebrity influencer marketing brings less than expected.

How does it all influence the effectiveness of advertising campaigns? Are micro-influencers so good as people say? Let's watch the real cases.
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Case #1. A Beauty Brand

A US cosmetic brand Clinique has invited 37 micro-influencers to tell about the launch of a new line of men's products through Instagram. In the advertising campaign, the brand has gained 67 000 engaged users and 2.4 million interactions with posts of influencers. Engagement rate of the campaign was 3.8 times higher than the engagement on the official website of Clinique.

Case #2. Online Poker

PokerStars, the largest online poker service in Ukraine, is big enough to attract popular celebrities, but they decided to use the power of micro-influencers.

The company chose 45 micro-influencers on Publicfast and managed to get the total reach of 260 000 users. On average, each participant of the campaign led 8 new users to the game.
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Case #3. An Eco Project

The creators of the Green School eco project organized events in two Ukrainian cities, Kyiv and Odessa. Here they needed to attract the audience.

50 micro-influencers generated total campaign reach of 150,000 users and over 5000 clicks on the registration link.
If you want to increase brand awareness, celebrity endorsement may be a good option. But if what you need are conventions and ROI, it is better to apply to micro-influencers.

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