How to promote yourself on Instagram

5 tips from what to start
Ludmila Savina
We always see a huge number of popular bloggers and don't even suspect how much work they invest in their accounts` promotion. At first sight, it seems that it's quite simple: just create a profile, post a beautiful photo and write whatever you want. But a lot of people have no clue what is happening on the other side of the screen.
In fact, promoting yourself on social networks is a long and complicated process. This requires daily work and development.

You need to understand clearly for what purpose you carry out your account, what is your audience, what you can convey to them and what content you want to create.

Social networks give unlimited opportunities for self-realization. Therefore, if you have an interesting idea for the profile, don't be afraid to implement it. Follow our advice and confidently go to your goal.
Find your niche of interests
Your social media account is your face. It's essential to occupy a specific niche of interests and maintain your profile following them. If you know a lot of healthy food recipes, and the gym is your second home, then you can easily make a blog about a healthy lifestyle. Or, for example, you work as a photographer and want to share breathtaking pictures with a large audience.

Use your hobby as a tool to promote your page, find the feature that will make you stand out from the general mass of influencers. In such way, you`ll gather your active audience.
Popular Instagram influencer Amanda Le (@raw_manda) follows a healthy lifestyle. She clearly knows her niche and shares a lot of vegan recipes with her followers.

Her account immediately catches the eye, because it imbued with bright colors and positive. She shares her experience about being a vegan. Many of her posts contain a useful information about healthy products and recipes.
Communicate with your audience and explore the information about your industry
It's not enough just to maintain the profile on an interesting topic. You should share your experience and thoughts with your followers. Be sincere.

If you maintain your profile only to earn money, you'll hardly gather a large and active audience. Followers appreciate honesty. They like to observe your life, so share with them as much as possible of everything going on with you.

Also, you should be aware of various innovations, because trends and social networks are developing with lightning speed now. Monitor all changes of social networks and learn all possible information on the topic of your blog. Thus you'll stay in trend and create such posts, that the number of followers and their engagement will only increase.
Sam Gach (@samgachyoga) maintains his profile about yoga. He always tells about his life, thoughts, and experience, shares his progress. He asks followers various questions and often reply to their comments.
Think over content strategy
Instagram allows you to combine content of different formats: photos, videos, boomerangs. Choose the one you like. Don`t be afraid to experiment and change something. In this way, you'll understand what kind of content followers react more actively and positively.

Think about what you should focus on, make a content plan for the week and oversee with what frequency and in what time it's best to upload posts. The number of likes and comments depends on it. Also, it's very good to make a lot of stories, but don't forget about how your profile looks like because Instagram is still a visual social network.
Katey Stanley (@kateystanley) focused on Instagram and it helped her to make a cool profile. She doesn't spray herself on other social networks and creates a wonderful content for her Instagram page. There she posts photos in one style, shares a lot of recipes and bits of advice on how to be good mother and wife.
Track bloggers in the same industry
View their profiles, keep track of what format they work on social networks, analyze how their followers react to different posts. Pay attention to the pros and cons of their profiles. You can find them through search websites or in different social networks by hashtags.

Thus, you can get useful visual information and it'll help you to improve your profile. You'll know what is better to focus on and what is better not to post.
Be selective in advertising proposals
To be popular with brands and have the trust of followers, you should have a good reputation. Don`t advertise low-quality products or one that doesn't come into contact with your interests. Don`t be afraid to refuse advertising offers, if you not sure about products. You can ask brand to test their goods before making a post.
Alexandra Kohan`s (@madmamanyc) profile is filled with posts about her life, family, and fashion. She has a big audience and values their confidence. She makes advertising posts mainly for cosmetics and tea brands. Thus, she promotes only such products that correspond her interests and content.

If you really want to be the influencer for your followers, value their trust and your reputation.