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How to effectively advertise a service for managing social networks
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CEO of PublBox Alexander Stefanovich told Publicfast how automatic SMM-service could be useful for business, NGO and bloggers, what is the secret of good content marketing and what basic rules an effective SMM manager should perform.
How, when and why did the idea for PublBox originate?
The service was conceived as an aid for business, bloggers, SMM-managers, NGO, and agencies. Initially, it had to include the necessary tools for the publications, as well as postponed posting and cross-posting.

During the development of PublBox, we added an option, which has no analogs on the market - "Content Strategy." This is a smart algorithm by which you can create an effective personal publication strategy, determine the proportions and types of content, and get tips on writing unique content about you. The algorithm contains more than 2500 variants of possible strategies and is constructed in such a way that each user will find the needed solution.

PublBox is a simple and understandable platform with a comprehensive set of tools for self-management of the most popular social networks.

Today, the service not only solves the problems of bloggers, business, NGO, SMM-specialists, and agenciesю It gives them a competitive advantage, significantly saving time and money.

PublBox helps not only to plan content but also to generate it. The service contains a bank of ready-to-use posts, as well as template ideas. Using them the user can increase his audience and build a dialogue with subscribers. This is a valuable tool for a professional, and irreplaceable for the beginner.

What social networks do you use and which are the most effective for you?
Choosing a social network directly depends on your audience, your content, and your goals. Depending on the portrait of a potential reader of your blog, you can give preference to those social networks where these people spend more time and look for relevant information.

For video bloggers, most likely, it will be YouTube, for travel and fashion - Instagram, and for business, public figures and NGO - Facebook. Whichever social network you choose, PublBox supports posting and provides content for publication in all major social networks.

Given the specificity of our platform, we are present in all social networks that are integrated into our service: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, as well as others, for example, Angelist, Crunchbase. As for localization, we have six languages, so the leading social networks are presented in all these languages for the convenience of users. The content in local versions is also slightly different.

Like it or not, the most effective channel is Facebook. But given the latest changes in its algorithms, this year we want to pay more attention to other social networks.
Now there is a lot of talk about quality content.
What is the secret of good content marketing?
Good content marketing is:

  • Understanding the goals that content marketing faces. This may be an increase in sales, image building, community growth or report ideas. In each case, you need to use different approaches and methods of interaction with the audience.
  • Deep understanding of the target audience. It allows you to build the positioning of the product, corresponding to their expectations. And this, in turn, determines the logic of the content, its tone of voice.
  • The correct strategy and proportion of publications, as well as the right channels of communication.
  • Using the necessary automation tools in digital (SMM services, analytics, SEO-segmentation). Previously, to solve the above tasks (points 1-3), you would need the help of qualified specialists in the field of content marketing and media strategy. Today, using a service like PublBox, you can generate an effective content strategy, create unique content, and analyze the results of your work - all in one service. Thus, the platform saves time and increases the efficiency of work.
  • Content creation in different formats taking into account the first four points.
  • An analysis of the results and the identification of mistakes.

These approaches are relevant for bloggers, business people, SMMs and anyone who works with content. A combination of the methods above gives a qualitative predictable success in content marketing.
PublBox team at Web Summit. Alexander Stefanovich and Xenia Khirvonina
Name the five basic rules for the SMM manager.
  • Knowledge of the promoted product, market, and target audiences.
  • Understanding the goals and objectives of the SMM campaign, a clear adherence to them.
  • Creating the right content strategy and deep analysis of the results. This can help not only to identify mistakes in communication but also lead you to unexpected insights and decisions.
  • Ability to create unique and creative content, taking into account the characteristics of the audience.
  • Continuous professional development.

Our service helps to solve most of these issues. In addition to content strategy, postponed posting and cross-posting, content creation and analytics, we also developed a series of recommendations and lessons in our SMM Academy, following which you will be able to reach a good level of social media skills.
What is the difference between the SMM strategy for a business, NGO and bloggers?
Different strategies lead to different goals and objectives. The key goal of businesses is monetization. For NGO goals are communicating ideas and working with public opinion. The goals of bloggers are directly tied to the blog's topic, style, and activities of the blogger.

Thus, can vary the proportion of content types (involving, news, selling, etc.), the frequency and time of posting, and the choice of publication formats, for example, picture, video, link, GIF or live-broadcast.

Nevertheless, there are common points. Such as building up groups, engaging the audience in the discussion, informing subscribers about the results of their activities.
What are the pros and cons of influencer marketing for promotion?
Influencer marketing is a serious and sometimes indispensable tool in the promo mix. It is almost impossible to imagine a large B2C company that does not use this tool. It is beneficial when you need:

  • form an image
  • achieve the desired positioning
  • get feedback from your audience
  • test the product
  • improve the conversion

The disadvantages of this method include the difficulty in managing and analyzing the results of the campaign. But Publicfast will help here.
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