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Pro Motion: QDRO residential complex
How to build innovative houses in Kyiv and promote them
Maria Fitzgerald
The marketing director of the construction company ZV Development Oksana Likhozhon told about the uniqueness of the residential complex QDRO, why the outdoor advertising did not work and what they chose as the "gold standard" of promotion.
How, when and why did the idea for QDRO come about?
The idea of QDRO arose in 2015. The company's executives monitor the development of global construction trends. For ZV Development it is always interesting to try new technologies and combine them.

We used in QDRO many innovations, which make the house comfortable: a central vacuum cleaner, furniture-transformer, green wall. All this is not an essential necessity, but a guarantee of a comfortable life, when somebody thought about everything for you.

Also, in QDRO, we use the technology of wood-frame prefab, i.e. all parts of the house are made at the factory, they already have communications. The house is heated by a geothermal heat pump, which also cools it and heats the water.

Similar projects in Ukraine haven't yet been implemented. But in our next project, we will try to jump above the head.
Who is your customer and what are the unique features of promoting QDRO?
Our client is a modern person, for whom mobility, manufacturability, thoughtfulness, environmental friendliness and economy are important. Who appreciates time and comfort, loves spending time with the family.

But, speaking in general, we have three groups of customers:

· People living in large apartments in the center or willing to purchase them. They do not yet know that living in a house is for them.

· People who are already ready to live in the house, but still fear that it requires more effort and time.

· People who have already tried to live in large houses, remote cottage towns and want to live in the city and reduce spending on maintaining a large house: both time and finances.

Our product provides 24 cares for our customer service. Being in Kiev, the proximity of the entire infrastructure, the optimal area, economy and environmental friendliness, security are those "magnets" that attract all three groups of customers.
What methods of promotion did you choose at the very beginning of your journey? What worked, what didn't, and why?
We immediately held focus groups, compiled a value proposition for the client, we modeled his way to buying. And, based on this, created a marketing strategy.

We were confident that outdoor advertising will not work, unless we hang all the Kiev boards, but still decided to try 12 billboards. And they got whole "0" calls.

Also, the placement on in the traditional "cottages" section did not give us many results, since we are more than an apartment, but not yet a house.
What promotion channels do you use now?
Our "gold standard" is contextual advertising, social networks, market-place, PR-placement, work with influencers.
What social networks do you use and which are the most effective for you?
Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.

Targeted leads are mostly from Facebook because people don't expect to see a message from us in their feed. And we can grab their attention.
Why did you decide to try influencer marketing? Are you satisfied with the result?
SMM is not only how we talk about ourselves in social networks, but it's also what is said about us.

Each change in the algorithms leads to the fact that the whole organics is concentrated in the accounts of living people, and not of businesses. Plus, it's easier to trust a person. It seems that he is responsible for his words. That's why we have built our work from the very beginning, taking into account the fact that the influencers are an important channel.

In the first campaign on Publicfast, we wanted to convey to a maximum number of people our most significant discount in Ukraine on a black Friday (3.2 million hryvnias). What we have, in fact, turned out in the synergy of all channels.

The main thing is to formulate the goal and communicate it to influencers. Clearly and specifically.