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Why YouTube is important for effective influencer marketing and what makes it so powerful
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Content is what makes the internet worth your time. It's the information that makes you fun or brings you value. Admit it, often you open your laptop and start browsing — especially the costal networks —just because you're sure you will find something interesting. And yes, the internet gives you everything you need and even more. Apart from the information, you get emotions, people to talk to, and instant answers to the majority of your questions.
Content makes the internet interesting, fulfilling, and valuable. As much as we need water to restore our energy, we also need relevant and engaging information to be in the swim.
YouTube is a search engine and a social network altogether. Actually, it is the second most popular place to each for information after Google. More than 90% of 18- to 44-year-old American internet users use YouTube.

And the popularity of the platform has naturally led to a high value of YouTube influencers for influencer marketing.

7 Reasons why YouTube Influencers Are So Popular

1. YouTube Is Fun

Relaxing and entertainment are the top two reasons viewers watch YouTube.

Yes, we all need some injection of pure fun from times to time. That is why cat videos are so incredibly popular. YouTube makes us laugh that is why we love it.

2. It Is Useful

"How-to" and other educational videos are also extremely popular on YouTube. 70% of 22- to 37-year-old YouTube users used the platform to learn something.

Got to say, YouTube has made a revolution in the way we educate. Before the rise of the service, it was significantly more difficult — or sometimes impossible — to find high-quality video lessons for free. Now you can find there anything, from makeup and massage lessons to business lectures from the world's TOP universities.

3. It Is 100% Visual

Most people prefer watching videos on YouTube rather than consume the same information on other social platforms that are less video-centric.

Though social psychologists claim that people trust printed word more than any other type of media, we are doomed to choose visual information to all the other types of stimuli. Our brain is wired to perceive visual stimuli and process them the fastest. That is why seeing something one is worth a thousand words. Seeing is believing.

4. It Is Fast

4 minutes is the most popular video length among the TOP-viewed videos. In this short time, you can get a comprehensive piece of information whether it is a fun story or a lesson.

It means that YouTube helps people save time, and that's why people like it.

5. It is Eternal

On the other hand, YouTube users spend about 40 minutes on the average session, and this number increases from year to year. This means people don't stop after viewing just one 4-minute video.

That's because YouTube is never-ending. Your life is not enough to watch all the videos online. And that's another reason why the rise of influencers' popularity on YouTube is not going to stop.

6. It Is Free

YouTube is free. And yes, this is a huge motivator to choose it over many other options to get yourself entertained or educated.

For example, research says that by 2025, 50% of viewers under 32 will not subscribe to a pay-TV service — they will watch YouTube instead.

7. It Is Easy

YouTube is so far one the most popular media channels because it's the easiest for consumption. All you have to do is to open the website, type the keywords for search — and watch videos. You don't even have to switch manually to the next one (the platform will do it for you, automatically).
This all means that YouTube is extremely important for everyone who wants to use the power on influencer marketing.
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How Many YouTube Content Creators Are There?

YouTube is incredible in its diversity. There are video bloggers who explain to you how to peel corn, those who will enlighten you on how to learn Chinese in 1 month and those who will teach you to transform yourself into a new Angelina Jolie with the help of makeup.

The total number of registered YouTube users is more than 1 billion. This means that approximately every 7th person out of 7,7 billion people living on the planet has a YouTube account. And about 5% of users are content creators.
For example, here are some of the top YouTube influencers (or content creators).


PewDiePie is a gamer with an excellent sense of humor. Most of the time he tests drives various online games in the company of his girlfriend. This guy can boast of more than 63 million followers so far. Those who are searching for influencers in the gaming sphere can only dream about cooperating with him.

Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson is an American YouTube star who is also an actor, a comedian, and a really bright guy. He has only 14 million subscribers but they are all his loyal fans. Loyalty, after all, is one of the hardest things to reach in the modern marketing world.

Canal KondZilla

Konrad Cunha Dantas, known to the YouTube community as Canal KondZilla is a director who created more than 300 music videos so far. He is probably one of the most popular people in Brazil because he manages all electronic music production there. He provides his followers with high-quality content and excellent music for sure!

Whindersson Nunes

Whindersson Nunes is a Brazilian influencer who has 30 million people following him day and night He is smart, bright, and he knows how to make people laugh. His thing is the parodies, and he is feeling well having chosen this niche.

Justin Bieber

Everybody in the world knows Justin and his power over girls' hearts. Justin is the absolute star with 39 million subscribers and unlimited enthusiasm.
Popularity on YouTube is for those who know how to create really engaging content. But what's most important is that popularity on YouTube brings millions of followers.

Is It Only About Top YouTube Influencers?

The only post at account with millions of followers must cost a fortune. And it does.

But YouTube influencer marketing is not only about celebrity influencers. Among almost 1 million content creators, there are many micro-influencers — people who have fewer followers but maybe even more for profitable for the marketing goals.

These people are quite easy to find using a good influencer marketing platform which will also give you truthful statistics to analyze and predict the profits.
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